Exhibition GAZA’24

GAZA'24 - exhibition Ahmed Aldaalsa- Kunstruimte Het Langhuis
GAZA’24 – exhibition Ahmed Aldaalsa- Kunstruimte Het Langhuis

Starting August 03 2024, Art platform The Langhuis will exhibit the work of Ahmed Aldaalsa. On display are his charcoal drawings, his photographs and short videos shot out of hand, sent digitally from his phone. His work is printed and/or beamed onto walls and will soon fill the four rooms of The Langhuis.

Four artists from Zwolle are asked to respond to this with a modest gesture.

Through Ahmed’s raw but vulnerable images and the response of Zwolle artists, we open a new debate; sensitive, involved, compassionate and supportive.

Quality prints will be made of his drawings, photographs and videos. These will be offered for sale in the Langhuis. All the profits go directly to the artist.

The exhibition will open Saturday, August 3. Save this date!

Check link below for more info.